Photo a Day Project – Jan 11,12 & 13 – Hervey Bay

I haven’t forgotten about my project, just gotten a little behind with my blogging….x

Jan 11

My little sleeping sunshine. My husband and I have been chatting about this photograph, and it still amazes us that I was able to walk into his room, turn the lights on and photograph him while he was sound asleep, he didn’t stir even the smallest bit. Until he was about 2.5 he had a lot of trouble sleeping and was so unsettled due to a medical condition, we use to have to creep down the hall way making sure we stepped on the right floor boards so that the didn’t wake him. So glad those days are behind  us. x


Jan 12

Oh how she loves her big brother, she wants to be just like him. When it came to Christmas presents Santa had to get them both Skate Boards & Boogie Boards, if Larne is doing it then so is Pia, no matter how tiny she is. xoxo


Jan 13

Just a quite moment, playing around the corner by himself, before he hears the call ‘Larrrrrnnee where you, where you???”x

just playing jan13