Photo a day project – Jan 18, 19 & 20

Friday was my little girls birthday, we took her to feed the dolphins and then off to Nan and Pops for lunch and cake.  My tiny little princess is now a big 3 year old.

birthday girl jan18

On Saturday we made a last minute decision to head of to Rainbow Beach for a couple days with close friends. Pia had a lovely time playing in the sand, one of her most loved things to do. xoxo

rainbow beach jan19

Larne spent the morning boggie boarding and sand boarding, it turns out he is quite the dare devil. It was soooooo hot at the top of the sand hill, we had to head back for some nice cool water melon. xoxo

yum jan20

Photo a day project – Jan 16 – Hervey Bay

Hair Cut time again! Sometimes Pia is so much like her big brother, they are a funny little pair. When ever either of them go to the doctors, dentists or hair dressers, they sit super, super still, they wont move an inch and they won’t talk either. I know its great that they are trying so hard to stay still, but they do take it to the extreme. xoxo

hair cut jan16